Rules & Regulations


Competition: February 3 - 4, 2014 at The National Theatre/Teatro Nacional (PANAMA CITY, PANAMA)
Awards & Gala: February 5, 2014 at The National Theatre/Teatro Nacional (PANAMA CITY, PANAMA)
Workshops: February 6, 2014 will be held at Academia de Danzas STEPS , and POINTE Centro de Danzas

Please do not finalize travel arrangements before you receive a written acceptance from Star of the 21st Century and/or see your name on the RESULTS 



Send DVD’s, Applications and Money order to

Cashier check, Certified Cheque or Money Order must be made to: Stars of the 21st Century – Panama , S.A.

Send DVDS, applications and cashier check to:

Instituto Nacional de Cultura , INAC
Las Bóvedas Plaza de Francia
Oficina No. 202 ( Cooperación Internacional )
      Contact : Aida Orillac
      Tel: (507) 5014907

DVD Must be labeled with:

      • Name
      • Age
      • School
      • Name of piece performed

      DVDS sent from international countries outside Panama
      must be sent through Federal Express, UPS or DHL services


Results for participants accepted for ROUND 2 will be posted online by DECEMBER 20, 2013
Results for participants who make it to ROUND 3 will be posted online by the evening of FEBRUARY 3, 2014

*Maximum number of candidates to be accepted to take part shall be 120.


The most important benefit that competitors receive is exposure in front of international dance luminaries and experts. Scholarships and potential job opportunities with leading dance schools and ballet companies may be awarded. This competition can be a stepping stone to a dancer’s career! Not to mention, a potential opportunity to perform on some of the world’s most prestigious stages with world-renowned ballet superstars in “Stars of the 21st Century” International Ballet Gala (


The competition is open to male and female professional dancers and dance students of all nationalities 9-25 years old.

  • Documents proving age for categories must be provided. Application form must be completed and filled correctly. Star of the 21st Century will not be responsible for misspelling made on Application
  • Participants/Parents/Teachers/Directors/Choreographers/Partners…should finance themselves. NO HEALTH INSURANCE WILL BE PROVIDED. CONTESTANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH INSURANCE/ VISAS
  • A participant’s age for “Star of the 21st Century” 2013 season is determined firmly as of February 1, 2014.
  • Participants may enter the competition as solo contestants, or with a partner (Pas de Deux).
  • To be eligible to participate in the Panama Finals (ROUND 2 & 3), dancers must be selected from DVD submissions.
  • DVD Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. No DVD’s will be accepted with out a complete application form and a certified $65.00 USD.
  • Contestants chosen from the DVD Selections (ROUND 1) will be notified and sent an invitation for (ROUND 2) and/or names will be posted under results on the website. *Only then should you make travel arrangements
  • Any contestant who does not have the required documents (Passport/Visa/Complete registration form/Paid Fees or Invitation to the Rounds/Finals or does not act according to the program that is set by the Competition Committee will be disqualified.
  • “Star of the 21st Century” reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participant’s’ performances during the competition for promotional purposes.
  • Contestants in (Second Round, Third Round and Gala) are responsible to bring their own make-up material, costumes etc….
  • “Star of the 21st Century” has the right to refuse any application at its discretion.



Round 1 (DVD)

Completed application sent in with DVD

*(Pre- Competitive Age Division: 9-11 are not required to be on pointe) *costumes are not required for the video
DVD- One COMPLETE classical variation (no editing) of choice from the classical repertoire list (see below)
Round 2 (PANAMA)
Solos- (2 Classical Variations/ 1 Contemporary Variation)
Couples- (1 Classical Pas de deux/ 1 Contemporary Pas de deux)
Ensembles- (1 Piece, only performed in ROUND 2)

***Selection of variations for Round 2 and Round 3 do not have to be the same.

Solos- (1 Classical Variation/ 1 Contemporary Variation)
Couples- (1 Classical Pas de deux/ 1 Contemporary Pas de deux)

**Closing Ceremony/Awards/Prizes

  • Classical Ballet (variation must be chosen from the Classical Repertoire List)
  • Contemporary Dance (this category includes any “open solo” variation that is not taken from the Classical Repertoire List)


Participants who wish to perform Pas de Deux from the Classical Repertoire List may perform adagio and coda only.


Time Limits

Variation or Solo: up to 2:30 min
Pas de Deux: up to 6:00 min (Adagio and Coda only)
Ensembles (4+ dancers): up to 5:00 min



Note: Required list for Professional, Senior, Junior Participants & Pre-competitive. All copyright negotiations are the responsibility of each participant.

  • La Fille Mal Gardee (Composer Hertel/ Choreographer Nijinska)
    Pas De Deux
  • The Talisman (Composer Drigo/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Pas De Deux
  • Raymonda (Composer Glasunov/ Choreographer Petipa); Any Variations
  • La Bayadere (Composer Minkus/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Three Shade Variatons, Act III; Gamzatti Variation, Pas de Deux & Variations, Bronze Idol, Nikia Pas de Deux
  • Coppelia (Composer Delibes/ Choreographer St. Leon)
    Pas de Deux, All Variations
  • Le Corsaire (Composer Adam, Drigo/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Odalisques 3 Variations, Act III, Pas de Deux & Variations, Pas d'Esclave & Variations
  • Diana & Acteon (Composer Pugni/ Choreographer Vaganova)
    Pas de Deux & Variations
  • Don Quixote (Composer Minkus/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Pas de Deux, Act III, Kitri's Variations, Act I, II, Grand Queen of the Driads, Act II Variations, Act III Variations
  • La Esmeralda (Composer Pugni/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Pas de Deux & Variations
  • The Flames of Paris (Composer Asafiev/ Choreographer Vainonen)
    Pas de Deux & Variations
  • Giselle (Composer Adam/ Choreographer Perrot, Coralli)
    Variation Giselle, Act I Peasant Pas de Deux, Pas de Deux, Act II
  • Grand Pas Classique (Composer Auber/ Choreographer Gsovsky)
    Pas de Deux & Variations
  • Harlequinade (Composer Drigo/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Pas De Deux & Variations
  • Paquita (Composer Minkus/ Chorographer Petipa)
    Any Variation
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Composer Tchaikovsky/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Variations of Fairies, Little Red Riding Hood, Blue Bird Pas de Deux & Variations, Wedding Pas de Deux & Variations.
  • Swan Lake (Composer Tchaikovsky/ Choreographer Petipa, Ivanov)
    Pas de Trois & Variations, Odette's Variation, Act II, Black Swan Pas de Deux & Variations
  • La Sylphide (Composer Lovenskjold/ Choreographer Bournonville)
    Mazurkas, Waltz # 7
  • Les Sylphides/Chopiniana (Composer Chopin/ Choreographer Fokine)
    Mazurkas, Waltz # 7
  • Carnival in Venice/ Satanella (Composer Pugni/ Choreographer Petipa)
    Pas de Deux & Variations
  • The Nutcracker (Composer Tchaikovsky/ Choreography Vainonen) Pas de Deux & Variations



The jury will consist of world-renowned international ballet luminaries and dance experts nominated by Star of the 21st Century Board of Directors. The jury shall be guided by regulations approved by Star of the 21st Century Board of Directors. The decisions of the jury shall be final and not subject to appeal or corrections.


The jury’s scoring system will consists of two aspects: artistic and technical, each evaluated on a 100-point system. The combined score from each judge is the average between technical and artistic marks. The total score is an average taken of all the scores issued by all judges for that particular performance. This will be evaluated for both males and females in the different age categories.


Per Solo or Variation:  $70
Mandatory Workshop: $85
Competitor Gala Ticket: $20
Pas de Deux: $200 per dancer
Ensembles (4+ dancers): $35 per dancer

Workshops are an essential part of the competition and are required for all participants.
***Fees must be paid for Round 2. Please note, there are NO FEES for Round 3


Professional Age Division: 19-25 years old
Senior Age Division: 15-18 years old
Junior Age Division: 12-14 years old
Pre-Competitive Division: 9-11 years old

(Dancers must compete in their age division at the time/date of the competition. Dancers must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate or Passport when signing in at the competition)


The Grand Award “Star of the 21st Century” is presented to a dancer who, according to the “Star of the 21st Century” jury panel, has exceeded all other dancers in their division in both Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance categories.

Medal + Award + Potential opportunity to perform at an International Ballet Gala “Stars of the 21st Century” + Potential cash prize from sponsor

Professional Age Division: 19-25 years old

  • 1st Prize -Medal
  • 2nd Prize -Medal
  • 3rd Prize -Medal

Senior Age Division: 15- 18 years old

  • 1st Prize -Medal
  • 2nd Prize -Medal
  • 3rd Prize -Medal

Junior Age Division: 12-14 years old

  • 1st Prize -Medal
  • 2nd Prize -Medal
  • 3rd Prize -Medal

Pre- Competitive Age Division: 9-11 years old

  • 1st Prize -Medal
  • 2nd Prize -Medal
  • 3rd Prize -Medal


  • 1st Prize -Medal
  • 2nd Prize -Medal
  • 3rd Prize -Medal

Male and female participants in all age divisions will compete separately. If there are less than 5 male participants in any age division, male and female participants will not compete separately, and a separate Best Male Dancer Award may be presented at the discretion of the jury.


Music must be submitted in CD format. Competitors should use high quality recordings of the respective piece. Please ensure that a separate CD is submitted (in a case) when signing in to the competition in Panama. Each CD should be prepared per piece performed with only one track per disc. The CD must clearly be labeled with the competitor’s full name and title of the piece. A backup CD must be readily available by the competitor. It is the responsibility of each competitor to secure music rights. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SECOND COPY OF EACH CD)